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@abcnews: Bitcoin and share trading app Plus500 faces litigation over 'rigging' claims (Pic: Reuters)

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Bitcoin Shares Via Plus500 app. Few Questions, Get in here! /r/Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Shares Via Plus500 app. Few Questions, Get in here!

Good evening all, a quick introduction and then ill list my questions.
So firstly, Me and a few of the lads from work all started conversing over the stock market, and how we can invest to make money long term/ short term, and all the different methods regarding it.
So we all have this app "Plus500" We started with the free play money, learnt a few things and we were away.
We moved to real money. I started with a deposit of $300.00
I made great quick returns trading forex, just buying low and selling high. But we were super interested in bitcoin. I had been doing my research for a while and i jumped on board at $4,500 mark.
Im now sitting on $3000 equity. But i dont feel safe due to the review on this app. Ive purchased a Ledger Nano S and i am hunting for a good website which i can buy myself BTC for AUSTRALIANS.
Soo questions are as followed
1) Should i cash out and use that money to buy actual BTC coinage. Or HODL due to the rate i purchased it at.
I would much rather actually own a percentage of a coin not just a share off some random app.
2) best possible , user friendly website for myself to buy BTC and other cryptocurrencies is what? (Available for Australians.)
Thanks guys,
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iphone app plus500 CFD trading on Bitcoin

As the iphone app Plus500 allows CFD trading on Bitcoin and Litecoin, shall it also be banned from the App Store? ;)
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Best option for keeping bitcoin in the long term?

Just to preface this I'm not knowledgeable in the trading world as I'm sure most of you are but I know a small amount. I'm looking to buy bitcoin and keep it long term as a small investment. My first idea was to buy it and transfer it to a cold wallet storage in a harddrive for the long-term but it seemed very complicated and I fear I will mess up. I then saw that I can buy bitcoin contracts on Plus500 and keep them in the app that way. As I'm not using the bitcoins as a form of currency and just as a means to accrue value over a long period of time, am I safe in just buying it on plus500 and leave that sitting in my portfolio in the long term.
Sorry if this is a stupid question or I come across unknowledgeable haha.
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Using Plus500 for bitcoin trading?

Hello all,

I have recently started bitcoin trading, being introduced by Plus500. I found it extremely easy and simple. But I am sure that it should come with a trade-off. What are your thoughts of such applications for bitcoin or cryptocurrency trading? Is it bad that I don't get to deal with addresses or hash160 numbers? Is it still legit to use this app on long term bitcoin investments? If you are against it, why, and what should I use instead? Thank you very much beforehand for your thoughts and perhaps suggestions. :)
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10 million in disappears in 10 Minutes
I would like to bring to your attention our newly form concerned citizens group called the people vs Trading212. Trading212 offers a cfd product in they're trading platform that allows you to buy contracts on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash. Many of us are cryptocurrency enthusiasts and joined the platform to trade these products. This weekend was a well documented launch of the bitcoin cash currency and it was also well documented that it was going to cause some disruption. I can only speak for myself by saying I found Trading212 because they had this product and set up an account. Much like the peg of the Swiss franc 2 years ago it was an opportunity trade volatility. Many of us traded all day Saturday until 7am Sunday. You per se an example of my screenshot below 6:52 am.
So at around 6:50 Trading212 halted trading on the product as the price went very hight and 90% of people were long according to data I saw. I knew trading was halted because I clicked the close all button and got an error message saying trading was halted. So I waited a few minutes clicked again still halted. I was worried for the companies ability to payout traders so I requested two 5k withdrawals out of my 10,624.82 free funds which were not tied up in any way. At this point while trading was halted Trading212 closed the 4 trades above and don’t feel obligated to pay me on the trades I was closing at the time they halted. It was the end of the asian trading session basically when I personally was finished. So now I am waiting for them to payout the 10k requested as well as 9-20k of positions above and they are declining to do this. But what is also interesting is that later in the day in my results I found records that they had come up with a settlement which you can see below:
So this sequence of events which happened to all of us goes like this:
Halt trading Consumer takes out what he can incase they go bankrupt. Then they close you're winning positions because of insufficient funds.
I think we all feel betrayed and we have lost a substantial amount of money.
Now the company will only respond to us through the chat app and basically say too bad guys.
There are tons of stories from our group which we can share with you. We want our money back and we don’t want this to happen again. Dan from flat alpha wrote a similar story about Plus500 during the Swiss franc peg.
Our question to you is can you help us stand up for ourselves and is this in violation of FSA policy.
By covering our story in the media tomorrow it will help shed light on these blackhole trading sites that make up rules to their advantage when they need them. Sadly, I think they take advantage of people everyday who want to have a crack at forex or stocks but they do not realise they are just gambling in a rigged casino and will surely lose their deposits. Our group was able trade successfully and we will not be taken advantage of and many of us believe that their may be criminal charges uncovered by decision makers at Trading212.
Just to give you an idea our group ranges from 18 year olds who lost all of their savings to experienced teams of investors. We estimate our group alone lost close to 10 million in deposits and trade revenue
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Should I buy actual Bitcoin, or invest in shares of Bitcoin?

In light of recent 9000 posts, I have decided to start putting money into Bitcoin again. I originally was just buying shares through the app Plus500, which, if I had left my investments, would have had decent returns (kicking myself now for not leaving them). Would it be a more worthwhile option to purchase actual parts of Bitcoin (can't afford a whole one), or should try investing in the shares of it through Plus500 or another app again?
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Stupid question: If I buy some shares, how do I own them?

I am an investment noob, so please don't laugh at me.
If I decide to buy some company shares, how do I own them? If I buy bitcoins, I have them linked to my address. If I buy gold, well ... I have the gold. How does this work with shares?
On a related note, how do I start investing? I would like to buy some shares, but I don't have a big budget, I only want to invest a modest amount every month. Are there some mobile apps for this? Is Plus500 a reliable one? There are a lot of ads related to this one.
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Bitcoin Trading with Plus 500 Trading Bitcoin Plus500 review 2020 - A must Watch before you trade - YouTube Plus500 Bitcoin How To Get Free Bitcoin By Hacking a Trading Site - 0.457 BTC - 2019

Plus500 Testbericht: Broker-Test mit ausführlichem Vergleich der Handelskonditionen, Kundenbewertungen, Erfahrungen ... Plus500 is a CFD trading platform for instruments such as Forex, ETF, stocks, commodities and market indices. Plus500 Ltd is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange. Listed in 2013 ... Bitcoin unterwegs traden: Plus500 Handy App . Neben einer Windows Version bietet Plus500 auch eine Smartphone App für iOS und Android an. Das Traden am Handy ist natürlich so eine Sache. Für den Komfort auch unterwegs handeln zu können, gibt man einige Funktionen auf, die man am PC zur Verfügung hätte. Auch wenn wir die Lösung von Plus500 äußerst gelungen finden, haben wir die App ... Europe’s #1 CFD Trading Platform (by number of new traders in 2018). Trade the world’s most popular markets: CFDs on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, Commodities, Indices, ETFs & Options. Die Plus500 Trading App – Mobil traden; Bitcoin kaufen und verkaufen bei Plus500 – Erfahrungen, Test und Fazit; Häufig gestellte Fragen; Über die Plattform Plus500. Der Broker Plus500 gehört zu den weltweit führenden CFD-Plattformen (Contracts for Difference) und bietet den Nutzern zahlreiche Funktionen und Trading Möglichkeiten an. Das breite Angebot an CFD Trading-Möglichkeiten ...

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Bitcoin Trading with Plus 500

Plus500 Trading Platform Exposed ... Saschas Börsentag, Lernvideo - Kryptowährungen handeln (Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Ripple, Monero ) - Duration: 41:41. Saschas Börsentag - alles über Aktien ... Plus500 Bitcoin Plus500 review 2020 - A must Watch before you trade with Plus500 Did you search Plus500 review to figure out Plus500’s real value? Would you like to fully un... Hi guys, today i will show you how to earn and get for free 0.457 bitcoins by hacking a trading site. ( "Plus500" Trading site: ( D... Bitcoin trading Trade Bitcoin? Start trading at Plus500: